Teatime Results in South Africa

UK Teatime Results are published right after the draw. This is the official UK Teatime Results page where our team publishes the latest results of the UK 49s teatime draw. The UK49s teatime results are published every day after the teatime draw. Uk49sresults.co.za is the best place to check recent UK 49s latest teatime result in South Africa.

These are the official latest teatime results and are updated daily with new UK 49’s teatime result for South African and UK players. You can also check the previous teatime results here.

Previous UK49s Teatime Results

What is the Teatime Results?

Teatime Results is the daily broadcasted results of the UK 49s teatime lottery. The teatime draw is broadcasted from Monday to Sunday at 12.49 PM UK time. The Teatime Results consist of 6 drawn numbered balls and one booster or bonus ball.

UK Teatime Results (UK49s Teatime Results)
UK Teatime Results

What Time is the UK Teatime Results Draw?

The UK teatime results draw are published right after the Uk49s teatime draw. We always make sure that we post these results on time so that you can check your ticket to find out if you’ve won. However, sometimes it may happen that we publish the results later than usual.

Teatime Draw

The UK 49s Teatime Draw is held at 17:49 PM (UK). In a single teatime draw, you will be presented with balls starting from 1 to 49. You need to select 6 numbers and one bonus ball or booster. There are bookmakers where you can play the UK49s teatime lottery in South Africa and the UK.

How to Play the UK Teatime Lottery

You can choose to play just one number or predict all 7 numbers including the Booster number if you want. Visit any bookmaker to play the teatime lottery. The official 49s lottery website posts all the teatime results in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

UK Lunchtime Results in South Africa

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